Tranås offers a great variety of activities and events. There’s something to suit everyone – exciting experiences close to nature, on the lake, or in town, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture.


Goldsmith Marita Carlborg-Olsson works mostly with silver and gold. She designs and manufactures all kinds of jewelry and corpus, including engagement and wedding rings, church silver and much more. Her store in Blåvik is well worth a visit!


Pay a visit to Ateljé Guldtackan – a farm with both manufacturing and sales. They make beautiful sheep skin products such as lamb skin vests, jackets and coats in a lovely range of colours. You can also put in special orders based on your own measurements. In the farm shop you’ll find washable lamb skins, pillows, cushions, slippers, throws, hats and mittens, as well as soft toys and teddy bears.


Experience Sommen on a wood-fired steamboat. S/S Boxholm II is one of the oldest – and last – wood-fired steamboats. She has worked Lake Sommen since 1904, first transporting timber and now enchanting passengers. During the summer there are different themed tours to various gems along Lake Sommen. Check the timetable and book with Tourist Office Tranås Direkt.


Experience a 17th century vicarage park in Asby’s Church Village. The park is located by the little lake opposite the village church. The priest Anders Hedner and his wife Matilda moved to Asby in the mid 1800’s and founded Hedners Park. Here you’ll find a lovely walk way around the point with informative signs along the way, rest areas, barbecue facilities, a nature playground, a “fairytail-trail” as well as Sweden’s thickest fir-tree.


Hult has a long history – there are maps dating back to 1640 where Hult Kronohemman is marked. It’s not detailed enough to show any buildings, but thanks to old documents we know that the main house was used as an Inn from 1750 onwards.


A ride on Icelandic horses is as fun and exciting as it is peaceful. So what makes the Icelandic horse so wonderful? Is it “tölten” – their smooth way of walking, a.k.a. “the gift of the gods”? Or is it that its size, strength and disposition make it suitable for children, beginners and experienced riders alike? Or could it be because it is cute, charming, brave and wise? The answer is of course – all of these things and much more. The Icelandic horse is simply amazing and we at Kalvefall would love to share this magical experience with you.


Immerse yourself in the surroundings that inspired John Bauer’s famous fairytails. Travel by boat along the water lily-filled canals uniting the lakes Bunn, Ören and Kvarnsjöarna. With a little bit of imagination you might catch a glimpse of a troll or elf along the shore. Our tour take just under 3 hours and depart from and arrive back at the northern part of Lake Bunn. Due to the popularity of our tours, we recommend that you call us and book in advance.


Naturum Sommen is a place for both young and old to discover nature, located on beautiful Torpön in the middle of Lake Sommen. This is a great place to learn about Lake Sommen and its surroundings. You can also take part in our various outdoor activities, quiz walks or join as we feed the fish in the our aquarium.


Jump on the tractor wagon and come along on an exciting moose safari. From the wagon you get the chance the experience these magnificent animals in their natural environment. Skullaryd’s Moose Park is also home to many deer, which makes it quite unique. When the staff feed the animals you’ll get the opportunity to meet the animals up close and personal.


Welcome to Stebbarp’s Farm – the small company offering big taste experiences. You can stay overnight at Stebbarp’s charming Bed & Breakfast overlooking Lake Sommen. The farm is well known for their delicious ice cream, home baked bread and crunchy waffles. During Summer the farm shop and ice cream café are open, so you can enjoy your tasty treats in a beautiful and peaceful environment.


At Tranås Skate Park in central Ekmarkspark the kids can skateboard, ride their kickbike or bmx. Picnic tables and chairs are available as well as a playground close by for the little ones.


Welcome to Sweden’s oldest cultural reserve! The Åsen Village is a uniquely preserved location, giving visitors an accurate depiction of what a village in Småland looked like around the turn of the 19th to 20th century. It’s idyllic, but you’ll also see the traces of hard labour and much toil in the effort to survive. As you wander through the village and surrounding landscape, you’ll feel as though you’ve travelled 100 years back in time. Experience life in the old Swedish countryside, the animals kept and how life was lived day to day in between houses, fences, beehives and vegetable gardens.


Brostorps gård

Hemlagad ostkaka i eget gårdsmejeri


Njut av turcykling på lugna grus- och asfaltsvägar

Kalvefalls turridning

Rid på islandshästar och häftiga Nordsvenska hästar

Kvarnkulla Trädgård

Avkoppling med en kopp kaffe i trädgården

Sjöarps Rökeri

Köp nyrökt fisk eller bo över natt i stuga


Ett stenkast från torget kan du åka bräda

Stjärneborgs Museer

Välkommen till Stjärneborgs Museer och den unika pyramiden

Torpöns Höghöjdsbanan

Att klättra höghöjdsbana är ett fantastiskt sätt att umgås

Trollmaker spa & ridning

Spa, ridning och naturen, detta i underbara kombinationer

Tranås golfklubb

Vackert belägen golfbana invid sjön Sommen


Markerade leder som slingrar fram längs sjöar och terräng


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